Gregg Chadwick

Gregg Chadwick creates his artwork in an old airplane hangar in Santa Monica, California. The recurring sound of airplane take-offs and landings from the active airport runaway outside his studio reminds him of his own history of travel. Chadwick has exhibited his artworks in galleries and museums both nationally and internationally. He earned a Bachelor's Degree at UCLA and a Master’s Degree at NYU, both in Fine Art. He has had notable solo exhibitions at the Manifesta Maastricht Gallery (Maastricht, The Netherlands), Space AD 2000 (Tokyo, Japan), and the Lisa Coscino Gallery (Pacific Grove) among others. He has participated in a variety of group exhibitions including the LOOK Gallery (Los Angeles), the Arena 1 Gallery (Santa Monica), and the Arts Club of Washington (Washington DC). Chadwick is frequently invited to lecture on the arts; in 2011-12 he spoke at UCLA, Monterey Peninsula College, the Esalen Institute, and at the World Views forum in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

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Gregg’s blog, Speed of Life, explores the intersections between the arts and society:
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Gregg Chadwick
Road Movie
48" x 48"
Mare e Ombra
30" x 20"
Under The El
30" x 20"
Sky Outside
30" x 22"
City Whispers
22" x 30"
Brecht's Song
30" x 22"
I Cante
80" x 60"
Call And Echo
20" x 30"
Engine Company
48" x 36"
Street Of Secrets
48" x 36"
Scarlett Shadows
80" x 8"
Red Rain
30" x 40"
Pool Of Rememberance
48" x 36"
72" x 36"
Poem Of Gion
79" x 53"
Buddah for Bamiyan
115" x 86"
Through Tibetan Eyes
72" x 96"
The Korean Brush
40" x 30"
The Road to Mandalay
40" x 30"
Balance of Shadows
72" x 96"